Dr Ian Banks

Ibanksmugan has been EMHF President since its launch in 2001.

Ian is a retired accident and emergency doctor and general practitioner. He is a former president of the Men’s Health Forum (England and Wales), past vice president of the International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH), past deputy editor of the Men’s Health Journal and for six years the medical editor for Men’s Health magazine. He was a trustee of Developing Patient Partnerships (DPP, formerly Doctor Patient Partnership) for six years. Ian is a founder member of the Self Care Forum (UK) and the official spokesman on men’s health issues for the BMA.

The BBC book The Trouble with Men was written by Ian in 1996 to accompany the television series of the same name. It was followed by Men’s Health, The Good Patient Guide, The Children’s Health Guide, Get Fit with Brittas, Men’s Health in General Practice, The Dad’s Survival Guide and Ask About Sex.

Ian has written a series of books for Haynes. These include Man Workshop Manual, Baby Workshop Manual, Sex Workshop Manual, Woman Workshop Manual, Toddler Manual, Cancer Manual (the only book in 2004 to win the Plain English Award), HGV MAN (on men and weight) and Brain (dealing with men and mental wellbeing). He has also written or edited over 150 small workshop manuals on various areas of men’s health with a distribution of over two million copies.

Ian was appointed visiting professor of men’s health in Europe by Leeds Metropolitan University in 2005 and awarded the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) Gold Medal for public health in 2007, followed by appointment to the RSPH Academy. In 2012, the RSPH appointed Ian as Professorial Fellow to the Society. The City of Vienna and the ISMH honoured Ian with their award for public health in September 2007. He is now visiting professor in men’s health at the University of Ulster and honorary senior lecturer in men and cancer at Queens University Medical School. He currently chairs the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) patient advisory committee and the European Forum Against Blindness.

In 2013, Ian was appointed to the board of the European Cancer Concord which produced the Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights. He acts as the Guardian of the Royal College of General Practitioner’s (RCGP) syllabus and statement on men’s health and is a trustee of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association. In January 2015, Ian was appointed Visiting Professor in cancer inequalities at Leeds University and to the European Society of Medical Oncologists’ (ESMO) patient advocacy committee.