About Us

The European Men’s Health Forum (EMHF) was established in 2001. Originally part of the Men’s Health Forum (UK), it soon became an autonomous, non-profit-making, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels. EMHF is formally constituted as an ‘Association Internationale à But non Lucratif’ (A.I.S.B.L) number 15747/2002 under Belgian law.

Vision and mission

EMHF is the only European organisation dedicated to the improvement of men’s health in all its aspects. Its vision is a future in which all men in Europe have an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being.

Its mission is to improve men’s health across all countries in Europe by promoting collaboration between interested organisations and individuals on the development and application of health-related policies, research, education and prevention programmes.

EMHF is committed to gender equality, fully supports activities to improve women’s health, and opposes the re-allocation of funding from women’s to men’s health.


EMHF’s strategic direction is provided by a Board whose members are:

  • Dr Ian Banks, EMHF President
  • Matthew Maycock, Vice President
  • Kenneth Mastris, General Secretary
  • John Bowis, Treasurer

The operational work is led by Ian Banks supported by Tracy Herd. Contact here.

EMHF representation

EMHF is currently represented at a high-level in the following organisations:

  • EAASM (European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines)
  • ECCO (European Cancer Organisation)
  • EFAB (European Forum against Blindness)
  • EFPIA  (European Federation of Pharmaceutical  Industries and Associations)
  • EPF (European Patients Forum)
  • ASOP EU (Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy)
  • EUCOMED/MedTech
  • GAMH (Global Action on Men’s Health)
  • HPV Action (UK)
  • Self-Care Forum (UK)